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BioGuard Pool Complete is favourite of our team.  This product tackles 3 problems all in the one bottle – removes phosphates from the water, makes the water crystal clear and helps prevent the build up of a skum line on the pool surface.

Added as a weekly maintenance dose into either a swimming pool or a spa pool.  For swimming pools 40ml per 10,000 litres each week is poured into the deep end.  Spa pools only require 4ml per 1,000 litres into the spa. Available in two sizes the small bottle is perfect for a spa and the larger one for a pool.  A bottle goes a long way.  The average 1000 litre spa will use one bottle every 2 years and for a 40,000 litre swimming pool 1 bottle will last about 4 months.

Add Pool Complete into your regular pool maintenance schedule to keep your water looking sensational.  Ideal for use with Lite, Oxysheen or Salt Pool Sparkle and any of the algaecides Algiguard, Polygard Concentrate, MSA Extreme or Salt Pool Protector all part of the three step program.

Pool Complete is available as a 500ml or 2.7 litre bottle.

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