BioGuard Oxysheen is an oxidiser that can be used in both swimming pools and spa pools.  There is no chlorine in Oxysheen so while it can be used in all pool types it is ideal for those who run a chlorine free system like Silver Cove or Simple Silver.

Oxidation is step 2 of the 3 Step program.  All swimming pool and spa pools, whether chlorine, bromine or salt require regular oxidation especially over the swimming season.  A more common term used for oxidation is a shock dose. Oxidation/shocking removes swimmer wastes and destroys organic contaminants in the water. The aim of regular oxidation is to keep the pool water sparkling and clear of impurities.

Oxysheen is a fast dissolving product that uses oxygen to help maintain sparkling clear water, remove swimmer waste and eliminate odours.  It is extremely fast dissolving and the pool can be used again 1 hour after application.  Oxysheen contains Potassium Peroxymonopersulfate and is chlorine and stabiliser free.

Available as a 900g or 3.8kg bottle.

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