Liquid Chlorine 20 Litre


Liquid Chlorine is a solution of sodium hypochlorite used to sanitise swimming pools.  Use on liquid dosing units such as Chemigem, TPS, Rolachem and others.  Can be used for hand dosing and is excellent for shock dosing.

Liquid chlorine has a very high pH.  It is important to adjust the pH of the pool, using Pool Acid or Lo’n’Slo, when using liquid chlorine to prevent the pH getting out of range. A high pH can ‘switch’ chlorine off and render it ineffective.

Handling and storage

Take care when handling liquid chlorine as any spills on clothing will cause bleaching.  Use personal protective equipment to protect your clothes and yourself.

Do not inhale the vapours or mists and avoid contact with skin or eyes.  Wash hands thoroughly after handling.

Small spills can be hosed into the swimming pool.  For other spills contain the spill with sand or other absorbent material and transer to plastic drums for approved disposal.

Take care when transporting and storing liquid chlorine. Transport and store upright.  Check cap is secure before transporting.  Poolside Christchurch accept no responsibility for spillage or leaks once the product has left the store.

Available as 20 litres.  Please bring a black exchange container.  Pricing is different if no exchange container is provided.

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