Terms of Trade

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  • Some service requests can be resolved by telephone or email.   This saves you time and money and this service is completely free.


  • Once a Service visit is deemed necessary, the minimum fee is $85 plus GST.  This fee covers vehicle expenses and the serviceman’s first 30 minutes of time.  Time starts from the Riccarton store, the first job of the day or from the previous job completed.  We plan a travel route to reduce travel times.
  • After the first 30 minutes the hourly charge out rate is $98.70 plus GST, chargeable by the half hour.
  • If you live remote from our store, travel costs can be very expensive.  To reduce travel costs we wait until there are several jobs in that area so that travel costs can be shared amongst several jobs.  The Customer can always request not to wait but will have to pay the full travel costs. An additional vehicle expense is incurred after the first 30 minutes of vehicle travel time.
  • A Weekend Service Fee of $140 plus GST will be charged for service work booked in for a weekend.  Where Poolside Christchurch chooses to schedule work on a weekend the standard service fee will be charged.
  • An Urgent Service Fee of $140 plus GST will be charged for urgent work where we are required to reschedule our planned services to accommodate an urgent job.
  • An Underwater Fee of $100 + GST is charged if the technician is required to get in the pool to complete job.


  • We have a small range of Loan Pumps available. These are used to keep systems operational while repairs are being carried out on Customers pumps.  A Loan Pump Fee is a single fee of $39.13 + GST for the duration of the loan.
  • If customers require a pump assessment before deciding to repair or replace there is an Assessment Fee of $100 + GST.  If repairs are undertaken or a new pump purchased from us we will waive this Assessment Fee.


  • Some jobs may require two or more Service visits.  Components may require to be taken to the workshop for specialist repairs, parts needing to be ordered or extended testing etc.
  • A Service Visit Fee is charged for every visit to the Customers property.  This includes if the Customer decides not to go ahead with repairs, if no actual fault is found, if repairs cannot proceed, if the technician cannot gain access to the property or power isolation switch or if a full quotation is required.
  • Any replacement components or materials used to complete the Service visit are an additional cost.
  • Payment is due 7 days after invoice date, unless other arrangements are made with Poolside Christchurch.
  • For efficient service, Customers job may be allocated to an independent authorised service agent.  If so, they will bill you directly based on the above conditions.


  • The cost of spare parts will be paid by the Manufacturer, provided the service falls within the warranty period and there is a defect in materials or workmanship as determined by the Service Technician while on site and then approved by the product supplier in New Zealand.  The cost of labour is not always covered by the warranty and is dependent on the Manufacturer.
  • Warranty never covers wear, accidents, abuse such as dirty filter, over-chlorination, the swimming pool or spa pool not being chemically balanced, rust and corrosion, power surges, safety devices tripping.
  • See your Warranty for full details.  You will need to provide us with a copy of your invoice or receipt for a warranty claim to be processed.


Terms are the same as above, however if the Customer is on site, or immediately available by telephone, they can approve expenditure above $99.70 plus GST.  If not, a second Service visit is required.


Interest on overdue invoices shall accrue daily from the date when payment becomes due, until the date of payment at a rate of 2% per month.   If the Customer defaults in payment of any invoice when due, the Customer shall indemnify Poolside Christchurch from and against all costs and disbursements incurred by Poolside Christchurch in pursuing the debt including legal costs of a Solicitor and own client basis and Poolside Christchurch’s collection agency costs.


Customers understand that the environment around the pool and weather conditions can rapidly change the appearance of the swimming pool.  Poolside Christchurch cannot guarantee the pool will remain as they leave it for any length of time.

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Great personal service from a team which knows what they’re talking about.

Ross Keenan

I contacted several chemical suppliers in Canterbury (as I’m a newbie pool owner) and Lynda at Poolside came back with the most helpful reply and comprehensive information. I went in-store today and was blown away by the level of customer service. Lynda was super helpful and full of excellent tips and advice. I now feel much more confident about managing my pool, and know that I can always go and see Lynda if I get stuck. Plus, the product range was excellent and prices were good too! I won’t be going anywhere else – very impressed!!!

Tania Curtin

Great service and advice from these guys. Have had a pool for 10 years and was made aware of them a couple of years ago and the pool has never been better, regular water testing service and the correct info to fix and maintain pool water quality. I’d highly recommend them to anyone with a spa or pool. 👍


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