Water Testing

 How To Test Your Pool Water

Getting your pool water tested regularly will make all the difference to the health of your swimming and spa pool water.

We offer a completely free water testing service and love nothing more than helping you enjoy your pool.

Home testing is great for highlighting any issues and monitoring pH and Chlorine levels. Our Professional Water Test then goes a step further and gives you the complete picture, with step-by-step instructions to correct and restore any water imbalances or issues.

Bring in your Pool Water sample today.

Here we share every step, from collecting your water sample to running our Spin Touch Water test.  Lynda answers all your water testing questions and explains how you could even celebrate your healthy pool water with a bottle of Bollinger!

Step 1. How To Take a Water Sample

Here are our tips for collecting a water sample ready for your pool water test. There is an art in collecting the water and there are things you should avoid to get a good, clear sample.

In this quick video, Lynda explains how to collect the water, what to avoid prior to collection and advice on getting your water into us for testing.

Step 2. Best Containers For Collecting Water Samples

What you collect your pool water sample in, matters, a lot!

Here Lynda explains what NOT TO USE when collecting your pool water sample.

Best option is to pop in to see us and collect a FREE Water Sample Bottle or listen to Lynda’s other suggestions.

Collect your free bottle from us at Poolside Christchurch, 123 Blenheim Road, Christchurch. 

Step 3. Let’s test your water

Latest Water Testing Technology – Once you’ve dropped in your pool water sample, we run an extensive ‘Spin Touch’ test to give you an accurate analysis of your pool water. It’s all done quickly in the shop whilst you wait. Some clients prefer to pop back to pick up the results or we can email them to you.

The detailed analysis, printed out for you, provides the exact steps to improve your pool water. What chemicals you need to add, how to do it and what you need. There’s no room for human error or confusion. Clear, free, simple instructions, given with every Poolside Christchurch water test.

Home water testing vs In-store

Is home testing good enough to keep your pool water healthy?

Here Lynda explains how to use home testing options and why our professional free water test gives you so much more.

Don’t leave the health of your water up to chance or mis-read the analysis.

With our instore professional water test, you leave with printed instructions plus one of our friendly team talk through your next steps, so you leave confident and happy.

How Often Should You Test Pool Water?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is ‘how often should I test my pool water?’

As Lynda explains, in this short video, it varies with the seasons and the type of pool you have.

There are multiple factors that affect each pool and how you get the water healthy. From the pool shape and design to the build type. We are here to offer personalised advice for YOUR pool.

Celebrate Healthy Water with a Bottle of Bollinger!

 Healthy Pool Water Competition! 

We believe it’s worth celebrating healthy pool water. Here Lynda explains how you could WIN a bottle of Bollinger by simply testing your pool water with us.

This competition runs between November and February. Four winners – four bottles of Champagne – one each month announced on our Facebook Page. Simply bring in your pool water sample to get involved. Good luck!

Hear from our customers

Great personal service from a team which knows what they’re talking about.

Ross Keenan

I contacted several chemical suppliers in Canterbury (as I’m a newbie pool owner) and Lynda at Poolside came back with the most helpful reply and comprehensive information. I went in-store today and was blown away by the level of customer service. Lynda was super helpful and full of excellent tips and advice. I now feel much more confident about managing my pool, and know that I can always go and see Lynda if I get stuck. Plus, the product range was excellent and prices were good too! I won’t be going anywhere else – very impressed!!!

Tania Curtin

Great service and advice from these guys. Have had a pool for 10 years and was made aware of them a couple of years ago and the pool has never been better, regular water testing service and the correct info to fix and maintain pool water quality. I’d highly recommend them to anyone with a spa or pool. 👍


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SPASA 2022 Gold Award - Online Pool Store
SPASA 2022 Gold Award - Retail Service Technician
SPASA 2022 Gold Award - In-Field Service Technician
SPASA 2022 Gold Award - Best Mobile Service Business
SPASA 2022 Silver Award - Single Location Pool Store

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