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We have been helping Christchurch swimming pool owners love their pools and spas for over 47 years. We are experts in maintaining pool water and equipment. Our friendly and knowledgeable team takes the time to ensure you know and understand what you need to do to keep your pool in perfect condition year-round.

How We Can Help

Poolside Christchurch is headed up by Lynda and Richard Roche, who lead a dedicated team, brimming with knowledge and a passion to help.  We can supply all your swimming and spa pool chemicals, equipment and accessories. Our fleet of service technicians can offer regular cleaning and servicing, if you need a hand maintaining a healthy pool.  We can also step to help for one-off maintenance repair, replacement or cleaning issues. 


Pool Care Services

Pool Care Services

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Pool Care Products

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Pool Care Advice

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Great personal service from a team which knows what they’re talking about.

Ross Keenan

I contacted several chemical suppliers in Canterbury (as I’m a newbie pool owner) and Lynda at Poolside came back with the most helpful reply and comprehensive information. I went in-store today and was blown away by the level of customer service. Lynda was super helpful and full of excellent tips and advice. I now feel much more confident about managing my pool, and know that I can always go and see Lynda if I get stuck. Plus, the product range was excellent and prices were good too! I won’t be going anywhere else – very impressed!!!

Tania Curtin

Great service and advice from these guys. Have had a pool for 10 years and was made aware of them a couple of years ago and the pool has never been better, regular water testing service and the correct info to fix and maintain pool water quality. I’d highly recommend them to anyone with a spa or pool. 👍


Does your pool need some love?

If your pool is looking a bit sick, or you don't have time to keep up with the pool maintenance, we are here to help!

Award Winning Poolcare Team

Best Pool Store - Gold Award NZ 2021
Single Location Pool Store - Gold Award NZ 2021
Retail Service Technician - Gold Award NZ 2021
In-field Service Technician - Award NZ 2021
Pool & Barrier Inspector - Award NZ 2021

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