BioGuard AlgiGuard it a very affordable algaecide.  Best used as a preventative algaecide rather than for treating green pools.  It works well with chlorinating products to prevent a wide variety of algae. It’s effectiveness is increased in warmer water so this is a great option to prevent algae over the summer season.

AlgiGuard is a highly effective quat-based algaecide.  It is also effective at helping to keep ducks and insects off the pool by lowering the surface tension of the water.  Ducks and insects have to work harder to float on the water when AlgiGuard is used, so in time they will find another body of water that is easier to float on!

Algaeicdes are step 3 in BioGuards 3 Step Program.  Use with Pacific Blue Power Tabs, Power Chlor, Smarter Sticks, Swim Sticks or Swim Clear granules for step 1 – Sanitise and Lite, Oxysheen or Salt Pool Sparkle for step 2 – Oxidise.

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