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Metals in pool water can be disastrous!  The water can often look crystal clear but as soon as any oxidising product (eg chlorine or bromine) is introduced to the water the metals come out of solution.  When metals come out of solution they can stain the surface of the pool or sometimes they stain the water.  Staining can be all sorts of colours but is often brown, green, blue or even purple!

Pool Magnet Plus from BioGuard can be used both as a preventer or as a treatment for metals.  It contains a chelating agent that binds copper, iron and manganese in the water.  This chelating agent prevents the metals from being oxidised and thus causing staining.

For existing stains Pool Magnet Plus is used in combination with Metal Go, Quick Clear and Filter Brite.  To prevent staining Pool Magnet Plus is used on it’s own and added as a regular maintenance dose to prevent metals from coming out of solution.

When using this product it is important to keep the chlorine or bromine level in the water low.  If necessary, when treating staining, chlorinators should be turned off.

Available as a 946ml bottle.

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