For the nicest feeling pool water you need BioGuard Optimiser.  It is a multifunctional product that turns nice water into the nicest water. Optimiser just makes everything better, it enhances water comfort, increases water clarity and improves the performance of other products. Make your pool water silky, soft and sparkling and extremely comfortable to swim in.  Optimiser stops hair from feeling ‘crunchy’ after swimming making it great for families with long haired swimmers!  It also retards the growth of algae and makes all sanitiser types work better, so saves time and money.

Optimiser is added as an initial start up dose, but as it isn’t used up it doesn’t require regular topping up.  Optimiser is only lost from the water through water loss (eg backwashing) so once you’ve done the start up dose only small additions are required to maintain the correct level of Optimiser in the water.

Available in a 2.5kg tub or 10kg drum.

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