Sunlight rapidly destroys unprotected chlorine in swimming pools.  BioGuard Stabiliser is a granular cyanuric acid that protects chlorine from the suns UV rays and allows chlorine to last in the water far longer than unstabilised chlorine.

Stabiliser should be used in conjunction with all unstabilised chlorines (Liquid Chlorine and Calcium Hypochlorite) and in salt pools.  Use of stabiliser in salt pools will extend the life of the salt cell by reducing the chlorine consumption.  Stabiliser is not generally required in indoor pools unless the pool is exposed to significant UV from the sun.

To add the product, mix the granules in a small bucket with warm water until it forms a slurry.  If the granules go hard and lumpy set the bucket aside in a safe place and allow it to sit for a period of time (even overnight) before stirring again. This seems to work well to remove the lumps!  Pour the slurry slowly into the skimmer basket with the pump on filter.  The Stabiliser is caught in the filter and will slowly dissolve over the next 36 hours.  Do not backwash the filter for 36 hours after adding Salt Pool Stabiliser.

Available as 1kg or 2kg bag.  Also available is Liquid Stabiliser and Salt Pool Stabiliser.

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