Maintaining a healthy pH level is an essential part of good water balance.  BioGuard Lo’N’Slo is an easy to use granular product that decreases Total Alkalinity and pH levels in pool water to prevent cloudy water, scale formation, high acid demand and poor chlorine efficiency. It can be added directly to the pool where there is a non-bleachable surface.  Always brush any product that hasn’t dissolved to help dissolution.

Poor pH control can lead to corrosion of equipment, etching of concrete and grout, and wrinkling of liners. This product is interchangeable with liquid pool acid but far safer to use than the liquid.  Salt pools and pools using liquid chlorine in particular need frequent pH correction.  Lo’n’Slo is available in convenient 5kg and 10kg pails for regular users.

Available as 1.5kg, 5kg and 10kg.

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