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BioGuard MSA Extreme is a very special product.  It is a patented, copper-based algaecide that is suitable for treating any algae – green, black, mustrard and all other forms of algae in swimming pools.  What makes MSA Extreme different to all the other copper based algaecides on the market is the unique formulation that prevents it from staining.

MSA Extreme can also be used on a monthly basis as an algae preventative.  As a preventative algaecide MSA Extreme is dosed 40ml per 10,000 litres of pool water.  So a 50,000 litre pool will only use 200ml each month making this algaecide very good value for money.

Algaeicdes are step 3 in BioGuards 3 Step Program.  Regular use of an algaecide will decrease chlorine consumption as the algaecide is keeping algae at bay allowing the chlorine to do what it is designed for – killing bugs!

Use with Pacific Blue Power Tabs, Power Chlor, Smarter Sticks, Swim Sticks or Swim Clear granules for step 1 – Sanitise and Lite, Oxysheen or Salt Pool Sparkle for step 2 – Oxidise.

Available as a 946mL bottle

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