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Bubble baths are great but not in your spa pool.

BioGuard Foam Go eliminates foaming in spas and ornamental fountains. It has no affect on the pH and can be used with all sanitiser types.

There are many reasons foaming occurs but it is often caused by the introduction of surfactants into the water. Laundry powder hiding in swimsuits is a common cause as well as many facial, body, hair and cleaning products.

To prevent foaming we recommend:

  • Showering before entering the spa pool
  • Regular cleaning of filters
  • Don’t wash swimsuits with laundry detergent and don’t allow street clothes to be worn in the spa
  • Ask bathers not to use sunscreens, lotions or other oils
  • Keep long hair tied up and out of the water
  • Maintain proper water balance
  • Replace your spa water every 3 months or after heavy use

Use with Filter Renew to keep the filters clean and remember to use Swirl Away when emptying the spa.

Available as a 500ml bottle.

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