Aquaspa Spa Kleer


AQUASPA™ SPA KLEER is a revolutionary clarifying agent that will maintain a superb ongoing sparkle and sheen in your spa water. It is a part of the AQUASPA™ chlorine & bromine free range for spas & hot tubs. For use with Aquaspa Spa Sanitiser.

General instructions

  • Add directly into spa water
  • Add regularly on a weekly basis

Directions for use

  • Add a weekly 60ml dose per 1,000 litres. Add an extra 6ml to this dose for every 100 litres over 1,000 litres.
  • To maintain an Aquaspa spa correctly a weekly dose of Aquaspa Spa Sanitiser and Aquaspa Spa Shock must also be added.

Available in a 500ml bottle.

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