AquaSpa Spa Sanitiser


Aquaspa Spa Sanitiser is a non-chlorine spa sanitiser.  Suitable for us in residential spas and hot tubs.  This product has been specially formulated to prevent the growth of various pathogens and bacteria that can cause disease in spas and hot tubs.

Aquaspa Spa Sanitiser is ideal for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and those with skin problems.  It is gentle on skin, hair and clothing.  It’s like soaking in clean fresh water.

Directions for use

Add Aquaspa Spa Sanitiser weekly directly to the spa at the rate of 60ml per 1,000 litres.

  1. Clean spa thoroughly using Swirl Away and Squeaky Clean.  If using product for the first time, clean filtration system with Filter Renew, Filter Brite or Liquid Filter Brite and refill spa.
  2. Adjust pH if necessary to 7.0-7.8.
  3. Add Aquaspa Spa Sanitiser at weekly intervals according to the dosage on the bottle.
  • Before using product, make sure that chlorine (or bromine)level in the spa is zero. Do not add chlorine or bromine based products as these will inactivate Aquaspa Spa Sanitiser.
  • A weekly dose of Aquaspa Spa Shock is recommended.  This is an oxidising compoumnd that removes organic compounds from the water and ensures water clarity.


  • a non-chlorine sanitiser that is approved for use in residential spas and hot tubs;
  • is specially formulated to prevent the growth of various pathogens that can cause disease;
  • it contains neither chlorine nor bromine.
  • is ideal for allergy sufferers including those who suffer from asthma or sensitive skin
  • it creates the feeling that you are in a natural spring
  • is gentle on your skin and hair. The creation of freshness provides a sense of total wellbeing.
  • it eliminates chemical fumes that are otherwise ingested with the use of non-natural, chlorine and bromine based cleaning systems
  • it allows easy and economical maintenance of your spa with once a week dosing for normal conditions
  • it can be used in all types of spa finishes
  • is compatible with ozone generators and ionisers
  • it has no detrimental effect on heaters thus giving longer heater life
  • is compatible with all recognised spa equipment, such as heaters and pumps, allowing manufactures warranties to remain in force
  • it allows your spa to be balanced according to builders or manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • is non-foaming meaning that it will not block filters, not leave a mess on the spa walls, not cause the heater to corrode and will not damage clothing, towels or hair.

Available as a 500ml, 2500ml or 5000ml bottle.

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