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BioGuard Spa Performance Up is an essential balance chemical used to raise Total Alkalinity (TA).  It’s important to maintain the correct TA to help prevent equipment corrosion and surface damage.  TA also helps control the pH and prevents it from bouncing around.

A common problem for spa pool owners when balancing pool water is getting the TA and pH both in range at the same time.  When adding Performance Up to increase TA there will be an increase in the pH.  This can’t be changed – it’s unavoidable.

Get your water tested with us using our state of the art water testing system so we can advise you exactly how much product to use to get the balance right first time.  Without our testing it’s a bit of a guessing game.  Always adjust your TA first then adjust pH.  If you are uncertain how much product to use when adjusting pH, always err on the side of caution.  It is far easier to add more product if you haven’t added enought because once you’ve added product to the water it can’t be removed.

Performance Up is an essential balance chemical all spa pool owners should have on hand to raise Total Alkalinity and pH.  Use in conjunction with Aquality, Comfort Up and Shield to balance spa pool water.

Available as a 500g bottle.

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