Perfect Balance


BioGuard Spa Perfect Balance is one of our favourite products.  Balancing of spa pool water can be frustrating with the seesaw act of adjusting total alkalinity (TA) then pH.  As soon as you get the pH right the TA is off and so the cycle starts again.  You can avoid this nuisance by using  Perfect Balance.

Perfect Balance is a phosphate buffer.  It locks in the pH, softens the water and helps prevent corrosion in spas and hot tubs. Perfect Balance is added as a start up dose when refilling your spa then a small weekly dose is added to maintain the products effectiveness.  Perfect Balance maintains stable, comfortable pH for up to 60 days and really does simplify water balance.

This product is not suitable for concrete or tiled pools.

Perfect Balance is part of our Perfect Spa Pool solution using the additional products of Armour, Purity and Velvet.  Using this system gives you the nicest feeling water as well and the best sparkling clear water.

Available as a 1L bottle

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