Upgrade Your Pool Equipment In The Quiet Season

Mar 15, 2018 | Pool Advice

Upgrade Pool Equipment

Have you noticed how busy our pool technicians are over the summer period in comparison to winter? In summer almost every job requested is urgent, so our recommendation is to take care of your equipment upgrades and routine maintenance during the off-season and save yourself the stress of summer-time repairs. If you have been considering replacing any of your equipment, winter is the time to have the work done so you are ready for summer.

So what needs to be looked at?  Definitely start with anything you have had problems with over the summer but have a look at all the swimming pool equipment.

  • Pump
  • Filter
  • Chlorinator (if you have one)
  • Pipework

The pump

We don’t generally recommend maintenance on a pump unless you have noticed a problem with it or it sounds different to normal. Pumps can often be repaired but there is a point where repairing isn’t the best option and a new pump should be installed.

A pool pump should make some noise when running, but if it is ‘screaming’ or ‘clunking’ then it probably needs to have a bearing replaced and should be attended to promptly.

If you can see any signs of a leak from the pump this should be attended to quickly. A small leak may seem insignificant however, it can lead on to bigger problems. Pool pumps have a mechanical seal that keeps the motor end of the pump dry and away from the water that runs through the wet end. If a leak in the pump is left unattended, a small repair can turn into a major headache if water gets into the motor end.

Signs that your pump needs attention include:

  • It’s noisy
  • It’s leaking
  • It won’t turn on or turns on intermittently

The filter

Your filter doesn’t often need work done on it as it has very few moving parts however there is some maintenance you should do on your filter.

Over time sand or glass can ‘clump’ together due to oils, greases and ‘sticky’ types of residue in the filter. Backwashing doesn’t remove these contaminants so the media needs to be cleaned using a ‘filter degreaser.’ So when do you need to clean the media?

  • Most filter manufacturers recommend every 6 months, but really it depends on the pool usage
  • If your pool gets frequent use or has a high number of bathers, then you should really clean the media every 6 months

Filter manufacturers generally recommend changing the media in your filter every 5-7 years. The jagged edges of the media wear down and become smooth as the sand or glass ages. When this happens the media can no longer trap debris particles and dirt can pass through the media and back into the pool. As the filter media ages, it may start to clump and the water flow can form channels in the media, allowing the debris to pass through.

Signs that indicate the filter media needs to be changed:

  • Frequent backwashing is required to reduce filter pressure
  • Water remains cloudy even after balancing and clarifiers don’t help
  • Debris shoots back into the pool when vacuuming

The chlorinator

Chlorinators come in all different forms and not all pools have them. If you have a chlorinator it is wise to have it serviced annually. Pump tubes should be replaced annually and feed tubes checked and replaced if needed. Salt cells should be descaled and any moving parts checked.

The pipework

Check over your pipework and look for any signs of a leak. Prompt attention to leaking pipework will save you money in the long run.

Contact us now if you would like to discuss maintenance work for your swimming pool equipment.

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