Lithium Hypochlorite Spa Sanitiser is History!

Mar 26, 2019 | Spa Advice

Spa Sanitiser

Lithium Hypochlorite (BioGuard Chlorinated Concentrate) spa sanitiser has disappeared from shelves around the world. While the world’s supply of Lithium is not considered to be exhausted, the amount of lithium being mined is struggling to keep up with the demand (particularly for use in batteries) and this has seen a massive rise in the cost of lithium. This in turn has resulted in lithium hypochlorite manufacturers around the world stopping production of the chemical.

So, what do you do when your home supply of Lithium Hypochlorite runs out? Don’t panic, we’ve got a great product to move to – BioGuard Armour.

Spa Sanitiser - BioGuard Armour

Armour is a granular spa sanitiser and oxidiser containing a combination of bromine and chlorine. The major benefit of bromine compared to chlorine is that it is much longer-lasting in the water, particularly at high heat such as in a spa pool! Stabilised bromine salts are reactivated in spas with ozone and the chlorine content of the product serves to regenerate the bromine, so it is an extremely efficient product.

Being both a sanitiser and an oxidiser means you don’t need a separate product to use as a shock dose. It is added directly to the spa water with no pre-dissolving required. It keeps the spa sanitised and clean, destroys organic wastes, and helps to restore sparkling clear water.

So, when your lithium hypochlorite spa sanitiser runs out, or if it already has, come and see us about moving over to Armour. We will explain how to dose it, how much to dose and how often.

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