Focus Hydrochloric Acid

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 Focus Hydrochloric Acid is a low fume 25% hydrochloric acid used to decrease pH and total alkalinity.  Use on liquid acid dosing units such as Gemini, Chemigem, TPS, Equilibrium, Aquarite, Zodiac eXO, Insnrg, SG, pH Perfect and many more.

Hydrochloric acid should normally be diluted before use.  When diluting, always add acid to water.  Never add water to acid.  The best way to dilute the acid is to half fill your 20 litre container with water then add 1 or 2 drums of acid as appropriate for your equipment and top up with water if necessary.

The following units should have a ratio of 1 acid:3 water (eg 5 litres of acid mixed with 15 litres of water)

  • Viron eQuilibrium
  • Chemigem
  • Aquarite+
  • Gemini
  • Insnrg

The following units should have a ratio of 2 acid:2 water (eg 10 litres of acid mixed with 10 litres of water)

  • pH Perfect
  • SG or Saltigem
  • BioGuard Platinum
  • Zodiac Tri or CrossOver
  • Zodiac eXO


Take care when transporting this product.  Check the cap is tight.  Carry and store in an upright position.  No liability is accepted for misuse or accidental spillage of the product.

Safety Directions

Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Avoid breathing fumes or mists

Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment

In Case of Spill

If a small amount is spilt beside the pool, hose it into the pool.

For other spills, contain spill with earth or sand.  Prevent liquid from entering drains, severs, waterways. Neutralise with Balance Pak 100, soda ash or slaked lime.  For large spills notify emergency services.


Product is considered a hazard.  Handle containers with care.  Store in a cool, well ventilated area, away from incompatible materials.

Available as a 5 litre bottle.

Click and collect only available.  Not suitable for courier delivery due to hazardous freight cost.

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